White Rock Wind Farm is located in the New England Tablelands approximately 20km west of Glen Innes and 40km east of Inverell. The wind farm is located at the junctions of the Glen Innes, Inverell and Guyra Shires. The wind farm is south of the Gwydir Highway.

The NSW Government has approved construction and operation of up to 119 wind turbines. This would result in up to 300 MW of renewable electricity being generated depending on the turbine model selected.

Stage 1 of the project will consist of 70 turbines, producing 175 MW of clean renewable electricity which is enough to power 75,000 homes annually. Construction of Stage 1 commenced in May 2016 and the wind farm will be operational in the latter half of 2017.

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Latest News:

Alternative powerline connection – Project Modification Application (10_0160 MOD3)

White Rock Wind Farm has submitted an application to NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) seeking modification of the WRWF project approval to allow alternative grid connection facilities, including:

  • Additional 13 km of 132 kV transmission line.
  • Additional 132 kV/330 kV substation adjacent the existing 330 kV transmission line west of Swan Vale.

The proposed powerline route would run approximately 13 km west from the wind farm site to connect to TransGrid’s 330 kV transmission line which runs between Armidale and Dumaresq. An additional substation is required at the connection point. The alternative powerline would be a 132kV transmission line of the same size and configuration as being implemented for Stage 1.

The main impacts of the alternative powerline  relate to construction of the foundations for each pole along the powerline route, with concrete poles spaced approximately 200 to 250 metres apart and limited vegetation clearing for the easement. The poles would have a maximum height of approximately 35 metres. The location of the facilities have been selected to minimise impacts.

The proposed powerline connection would enable full development of approved White Rock Wind Farm (119 wind turbines).

The associated application documents can be found on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment major project register White Rock Wind Farm welcomes feedback during the public exhibition period: Tuesday 24 January 2017 to 21 February 2017.

Transportation of wind turbine components

Blade deliveries and other turbine components to the White Rock Wind Farm project site will be ongoing to mid 2017. See here for more details on the delivery route and schedule.