White Rock Wind Farm Overview

White Rock Wind Farm is located in the New England Tablelands approximately 20km west of Glen Innes and 40km east of Inverell. The wind farm is located at the junctions of the Glen Innes, Inverell and Guyra Shires. The wind farm is south of the Gwydir Highway.

The NSW Government has approved construction and operation of up to 119 wind turbines and the project is being constructed in stages.  For more details around the turbines installed on site during Stage 1, see here.

Stage 1 of the project consists of 70 turbines, producing 175 MW of clean renewable electricity which is enough to power 75,000 homes annually. Construction of Stage 1 commenced in May 2016 and the wind farm will be operational in early 2018.

Stage 2 of the project will consist of up to 48 turbines, producing up to 202 MW of clean renewable electricity. It is anticipated that construction of Stage 2 will commence in late 2018.

The project will have significant local benefits during construction, with investment in the local economy. Stage 1 is expected to inject in the vicinity of $35 million into the local economy during construction. White Rock Wind Farm is committed to maximising opportunities for local suppliers where possible and delivering benefits for the local economy.

Project Background

White Rock Wind Farm Pty Ltd (WRWFPL) (ACN 153 592 173) is the proponent and is jointly owned by CECWPC and Goldwind.

Initial development of the project was undertaken by Epuron. In 2014, Goldwind acquired WRWFPL from Epuron. In 2016, China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group Wind-Power Corporation (CECWPC) acquired 75% interest in WRWFPL with Goldwind retaining a 25% interest.

 WRWFPL is undertaking a staged construction of the project. Stage 1 of the project consists of 70 turbines and Stage 2 will consist of up to 48 turbines.

The turbine model installed for Stage 1 of the project is be the Goldwind 121 2.5MW which has an approximate 89.5m hub height and  150m tip height. The total capacity of Stage 1 is planned to be 175MW. For more details on the turbines on site please see here.

A grid connection point has been secured with TransGrid into the NSW transmission system. The connection point is into the 132 kV line which is on the southern side of the Gwydir Highway and is the high voltage line between Glen Innes and Inverell.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments on the project.